klyNIK is an e-prescription software application that will allow doctors to write and store prescriptions in the cloud. Doctors can print, download the prescription or share a pdf via Whatsapp.


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The better way to manage your chambers, prescriptions, appointments & patients

Using klyNIK account you can easily manage chamber wise prescriptions, patients, appointments and many more features.


Patients can book appointments online after visiting the doctor's profile page.

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Live Consultation Via Zoom

Now consult your patients at the convenience of zoom from anywhere, anytime.

Clinical Diagnosis

A diagnosis is typically obtained by a doctor or other healthcare provider and usually begins with a physical examination and an exploration of the patient's history.

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Drug Bank

Feed with the list of medicines you usually prescribe so that you just have to select the medicine name at the time of writing a prescription with doses and timelines.

Lab Test

Often required to prescribe the same test to everyone. Just add your lists of general lab tests and prescribe with just few clicks.

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Doctors advices are the most important part of prescription writing and it varies from disease to disease. Get pre-formated advices ready within few clicks.

Medicine Plan

Clarifies when medicines to be consumed like 1 tables after/before meal and for how many days. Even you can give a note for any particular.

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Next Followup

Patients often miss the followup date as doctor forget to mention. Here we come up with a crystal clear box for next followup date.

Prescription Records

If the patient misses the prescription, it's difficult to track. So here software maintains the hygiene and keeps the records cleans & systematic.

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Feature Image

Patients Panel

A patients panel where he/she have access to all the prescriptions concerning to that particular doctor.

Print Ready

All prescriptions are pre-formated, pre-ready to print or download as required.

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